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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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K-State Research and Extension
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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Tuesday Letter is a weekly email to approximately 2,500 faculty and staff of K-State Research and Extension and the College of Agriculture, providing recipients with timely announcements and updates.

From KSRE Administration

Training Executive Board Members
Kansas is one of very few states that has executive boards that represent local extension units. Most states utilize a less formal advisory process.
Shout Out: Emily Bennigsdorf
This Shout Out comes from Laurel Despain, 4-H youth development agent in Thomas County, and is sent for Emily Bennigsdorf, Thomas County director.
PEARS: 22-23 Reporting Period to End October 15
Be sure to check PEARS for any unfinished items before the current reporting year has ended.


First Friday and Trail Talk Tuesdays Focus on Public Trail Resources
In October, we have two opportunities to learn how to develop public trails. First Friday e-Call and Trail Talk Tuesdays will both focus on this highly demanded community development asset.

Volunteer Opportunities

Register Today for the Kansas 4-H Judges' Database!
Register by September 30, 2023 for the 4-H Judges' Database.

Health and Wellness

The Community Health Corner
Mental Health First Aid logo
The Community Health Corner provides tools you can use to support Extension's Grand Challenge for Health

Extension Professional Trainings

KS-JCEP Annual Meeting Notice
KS-JCEP Annual Meeting Notice for October 25, 2023. As required by the KS-JCEP bylaws the notice of the annual meeting is to be sent out at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.
Last chance for Two Professional Development Opportunities on October 27
Light bulb - Learn
Last Chance: Two Professional Development Opportunities on October 27.
Register for Farm Management PFT Meeting at Annual Conference
The Farm Management PFT will be hosting a special meeting at KSRE Annual Conference on Wednesday, October 25, from Noon-1:30 p.m. in the Bluemont Room.
Pre-Annual Conference Event to Address Sample Collection on October 23
Samples are often needed to provide management recommendations related to topics such as fertilization or ration building. Join us on Monday afternoon, October 23, to improve your skills in forage, soil, insects, plant tissue or water sample collection.

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