SPAM E-mails

K-State is being hit hard with a very broad SPAM e-mail attack this week. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENTS!


These e-mails have subject lines such as:


  • Your friend has invited you to twitter!
  • You have received A Hallmark E-Card!
  • Shipping update for your order 254-78546325-658742
  • Jessica would like to be your friend in hi5!


And have attachements with names such as:


  • Invitation
  • Shipping


If you have tried to save or open these attachments, or feel your computer may have issues, please contact IET Tech Support at (785) 532-6270 or IMMEDIATELY to help stop the spread of this malicious activity.


It may be spread via e-mail and Removable Drives (Zip drives, USB drives, etc) as well. If you suspect a computer is infected, do not plug any drives into it, and have your IT support person check any drives that have been attached to it recently.


As a reminder, DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS that are unexpected. Confirm with the sender that there should be an attachment before opening any message.