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Interesting Places to Go To in SL

Second Life® has the ability to save teleport locations to web urls (SLURLs).   This page is a listing of SLURLs that are good way to get a taste of SL™.    

Before clicking on these SLURLs there are a few things you should know.   Many of these sites are very elaborate or busy.   You may not see much but blurry images at first so please take your time and give the SL™ client time to download all the graphics you will be looking at.   If you are impatient you will miss lots of details.   

Also it is best to increase your draw distance in preferences to a higher value to get full effect.  You can do this by clicking on Edit | Preferences | Graphics, then check the Custom check box.  After that adjust the Draw Distance setting to a level over 250 meters.   This will slow down SL™ a bit but will give you a much better view of more detailed places.   You can adjust this back if needed for your normal usage of SL™.

Tutorial and Reference locations:

Caledon Oxbridge New User Tutorial
A tutorial on all the basic things a SL™ user needs to know in world to get the most out of SL™.   New and Old users can use this teleport to go through the tutorial.   Some of the free items are only available to young (under 30 days old) users but the lessons work for all.

The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives  
This area is a training spot on how to build most items using primitives (prims).   Prims are building blocks that are used to make everything from houses to hair in SL™.    The Ivory tower has areas for beginners and advanced builders.   Most SL™ users go back to the tower many times as they want to learn more about building.

Teacher Networking Center
A resource center of tools and information that is useful for teaching and visual modeling in SL™.   Much of the items and information is free.

Locations with K-State involvement:

eXension's Virtual State Fair
A SL™ state fair giving exhibits and information about eXtension's communities of practice.   This is a virtual world site for outreach from all of the Land Grant Universities in the United States.   K-State is involved in some of the communities of practice showing at Virtual State Fair.

Live-ability House at Virtual State Fair
A virtual model home for use as a reference for caregivers of aged or disabled people.  This example points out features that make a home usable for people with disabilities.     This is part of the Family Caregiving community of practice.

Science Oriented Locations:

International Spaceflight Museum   
This area is a to scale build of all the rockets in the world along with some of the facilities used by the rockets to launch.   Rockets have signs and notecards describing what they are and details about them.     Nearby islands have mock-ups of space colonies,  a observatory, and other space science areas.
They also have an associated web site.

NOAA Weather Island
An island sim of various weather simulations and a guided tour.  Be sure to pick up the tour heads up display (hud) at the beginning and wear it for the tour.

Texas Wesleyan University's Genome Island
A place to explore genetics that was designed to support genetics classes for the university undergraduates studying biology.

Drexel University's Animated Chemical Reactions
A simulation of the reactions of various molecules by using the SL™ virtual world to build and script large models.

Recreations of Places in the Real World:

Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi
A massive, detailed reproduction of the real-world Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy.  The order of Saint Francis of Assisi wanted a way that people all over the world could take a virtual pilgrimage to their basilica so this was built for virtual tourism.

Statue of Liberty and the proposed World Trade Center Memorial
This is a set of islands built along the theme of the area that the World Trade Center was in.  The view of the memorial is striking from the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Dublin, Ireland
A group of island sims built to look like Dublin by the Dublin Travel Commission.   Many areas are true to the city.   This teleport takes you to the Blarney Stone Tavern, one of Dublin in SL™ social spots.  Dublin also has a web site.

The Wall - Vietnam War Memorial
An exact recreation of the memorial in Washington DC.

Ohio University's SL™ Campus
Ohio University recreated part of their real world campus in SL™ for some of their work in the virtual world.  The buildings are very true to the design of their campus.

Free Shopping Locations to Equip Your Avatar
The following locations are useful for starting a new avatar or just for finding things to put in your build in SL™.  

Free Dove

Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise

Newbie Dungeon Free Shop

Marketplace Web Shopping Site
This is a web based site selling goods to avatars in SL™.  Most of the items at this site cost money, but Marketplace has a section for just free items.    It is an easy way to search and shop for an item or script for your project.