The purpose of this committee is to discuss county Web content and design guidelines, and provide feedback on implementation and/or revisions. Group members will also be asked to communicate with members of their unit.


County CMS Committee:

  • Laurie Chandler (chair)
  • Susan Schlichting
  • Trudy Rice
  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Lynne Berry
  • Bev Dunning
  • Kae Bowles
  • Ross Mosteller
  • Aliesa Woods
  • Allen Baker
  • Scott Gordon
  • Adele Wilcoxen
  • Nichole Burnett
  • Dan Lekie
  • Neal Wollenberg
Executive Committee
The Executive Group for the Local Units CMS Advisory Committee is a representative group convened to provide direction and oversight of K-State Research and Extension’s Web Development efforts for the local units. This group will meet to discuss overarching objectives of the Web projects, approve content minimum expectations, and ensure that the content fits within the K-State Research and Extension Long Term Intended Outcomes.

Executive Committee Members:
  • Laurie Chandler
  • Scott Gordon
  • Aliesa Woods
  • Jim Lindquist
  • Will Baldwin
  • Kris Boone