Pegasus Mail
If you are having any trouble using Pegasus Email program, use these simple "How-to" tutorials available to guide you through step-by-step. Each link will take you to an informative interactive video, on the topic of your choice. This section also features help with Pegasus Mail for basic and intermediate needs. 


Intranet Extras

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Pegasus Mail: Basics

  • About Pegasus mail (pdf, 79kb) This Tutorial will tell you how to see which version of Pegasus Mail you are using, to see if you are using the most current Pegasus Mail version.
  • Pegasus Setup  (pdf, 92kb) This document shows you how to set up Pegasus Mail, change your e-mail program to default Pegasus, and set the SMTP host.
  • Pegasus Mail button functions (pdf, 44.6kb) This document shows an easy way to look for help in Pegasus Mail Windows 4.x, and what each button does in Pegasus Mail functions.    
  • Proper E-mail Etiquette (pdf, 1kb) This document presents some simple guidelines for electronic mail etiquette.

Pegasus Mail: Intermediate

  • Transferring Contacts  (pdf, 107kb) This document shows how to transfer contacts from Pegasus to Kansas State Webmail.
  • Setting up your Email Signature (pdf, 105kb) This Tutorial shows how to set  up your default signature on for your e-mail program.
    • Brands each email with your contact information.
  • Pegasus mail search folders (pdf, 87kb) This Tutorial will guide you through the process of using Search Folders to find mail in Pegasus Mail.  
  • Remote Linked Graphics (pdf, 83kb) This tutorial will guide you through the process of turning on "Automatic display remote-linked graphics in messages".
  • Mail Merge (pdf 243kb) This tutorial will help you create a mail merge in Pegasus Mail using data from a spreadsheet



Printable Flash Tutorials


  Installing Pegasus Mail

Upgrading Pegasus Mail  

Find your Version of Pegasus Mail

  Display your emails in only test mode with no graphics

  Using Folders in Pegasus Mail

  Searching folders in Pegasus Mail

  • Signature and Username (pdf, 106kb) This document shows how to set a default signature for your KSU webmail.