KSRE SIRT Contacts

The people listed here are contacts for K-State Research and Extension, and the College of Agriculture for the K-State Security and Incidence Response Team.  The SIRT implements campus computer security policies and provides computer security support.  The SIRT consists of members from every college and major administrative unit of Kansas State University.   SIRT members report the critical information from their meetings to the SIRT Contacts in each college.   The SIRT Contacts are the people in the departments who are the front line experts in computer security.



SIRT Members


Name Position        Phone Number Email Address
Larry Havenstein COA & KSRE Computer Security Officer, SIRT Member 785-532-6270

Vernon Turner COA & KSRE SIRT Alternate Member 785-532-6270


SIRT Department/Unit Contacts


Name Departments or Units Phone Number  Email Address
Larry Havenstein Communications 785-532-6270

Arthur Selman Agronomy, Plant Pathology, and HFRR 785-532-7222

Terry Teske Ag Economics 785-532-4439

Dan Scott Animal Science and Industry 785-532-1233

Jerry Remsbecker Ag Business and Dean's Offices 785-532-5971

Kent Hampton Entomology 785-532-4724

Marin Dowlin Human Ecology 785-532-1558

Suzan Adams Grain Science and Industry 785-532-4044

Gary Kepka North East Area 785-532-6270

Steve Spencer South East and South Central Areas 620-431-1530

David Dunn North West and South West Areas 785-625-5963

Spencer Casey Ag Research Center Hays and Western Kansas Research Centers 785-625-3425