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Supported Software

Computer Software and Hardware Support Levels 

 Whom do we support?
We support Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, plus the College of Agriculture. 

Goals of OzNet Technical Support Help Desk.
The purpose of Technical Support is to aid clients with using computers to complete their work. We try to educate our clients as we assist them so that they may become self-reliant in the computing tasks. 

What is expected of the client?
Technical Support expects the client to be willing to work with Technical Support in solving the problem. The client should have a telephone near the computer and other resources such as program disks or manuals need to be available to the client.

The client must own legal licenses for the software being supported. 

What is software support and what is a project?
Technical support will help you find answers to problems in your creation of word processing documents, spreadsheets, or databases. Technical Support will not design a document, spreadsheet, or database for you. If you wish to have design of this type, it is a programming or design project, and IET has people who can do this task for you, often for a fee. If you need this done, please call IET (785-532-6270) and say you need to talk to someone about a special project. 

Levels of Support, what kind of support can you expect?
Our resources won't allow us to support all the software and hardware that is available to you on the market today. Therefore we have set up a system of support with 3 levels, which is realistic for our organization. 

Level I:
At this level we support the product or package to troubleshoot a problem or find a method to do a task to the best of our abilities, and as resources allow. Extra research and return telephone calls may be necessary to solve the problem.

We will assist the client with the installation of application software over the telephone, or if deemed necessary, on site, with the client doing the install of the program. Level I includes configuration of a client's computer to support networking.

Check the listing below for the programs we support at this level.

Level I support items hold the highest priority in being solved. 

Level II:
Check the listing below for the programs or equipment we support at this level. Support of a system or software package is to the best of our current abilities. We will try to diagnose the problem and suggest fixes. We may have to refer the client to another source of help. 

Level III:
A program at Level III is one which we may not have access to, or don't have manuals for. We will try to help the client on the telephone by checking for obvious problems.

If the solution is not found quickly the client is referred to another source of help. 

Level NR (Not Recommended):
A program that causes a high security risk or high risk of promoting a computer
virus infection. Level NR programs may also be programs that transmit illegally
copied copyrighted media as their basis for existence.

What Software and Hardware do we support? 


WordPerfect® (v.8.0, v.9.0, v.10.0, v.12.0, X3) Level I
Microsoft® Word 2003 Level I
Microsoft Word XP Level I
Microsoft Word 2000 Level I
OpenOffice Text (1.1.3 or above)  Level I
WordPerfect Presentations (v.8.0, v.9.0, v.10.0, v.12.0, X3) Level I
Microsoft PowerPoint® 2003 Level I
Microsoft PowerPoint XP Level I
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Level I
OpenOffice Presentation (1.1.3 or above) Level I
Quattro Pro® (v.8.0, v.9.0, v.10.0, v.12.0, X3) Level II
Microsoft Excel® 2003 Level II
Microsoft Excel XP Level II
Microsoft Excel 2000 Level II
OpenOffice Spreadsheet (1.1.3 or above) Level II
Microsoft Windows® XP Professional Level I
Microsoft Windows 2000 Level II
Windows 98 & Windows 98 SE Level NR
Macintosh® System and Finder Level I
Any KSRE Computer Tool Kit program not listed here Level II
Serif PhotoPlus 6.0 Level I
Trend Micro Officescan
Level I
County Financial Package (CFP) Level II
Blue Ribbon Level II
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® (v.5.0 and above) Level I
Adobe Acrobat (5.0 and above) Level I
Cute PDF Level I
Network Software:
Pegasus Mail for Windows Level I
Mozilla® Thunderbird™ 1.06 and above (Email) Level I
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 and above (Browser) Level I
Netscape Communicator™ 7.1 and above (Browser & Email)  Level II
Netscape Communicator 4.7x (Browser & Email) Level NR
Mozilla Firefox® 1.06 and above (Browser) Level I
Microsoft Outlook® (any version) Level NR
Microsoft Outlook Express® (any version) Level NR
Any Music or Video file Internet Sharing software Level NR
Microsoft FrontPage® 2003 Level I
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Level I
Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Level NR
Novell NetWare® running on OzNet servers Level I

Novell NetWare running on College of Agriculture and Research & Extension departmental servers
(i.e. Grain Science, Ag Econ)

Level II
Network Applications on OzNet servers Level I
Network Applications on departmental servers,
depending on where the application is in the
above list.
Level I, II, or III
Network printing from OzNet NetWare servers Level I
Network printing from departmental NetWare servers Level II 
PC compatible computers Level II
Macintosh computers Level II
Network hardware - OzNet Servers Level I
Network Hardware - On campus hubs, routers, switches, wiring Level I
Network Hardware - Departmental hubs, routers, switches, wiring Level II
Printers Level II
Other Computer Peripherals Level III

Support on any unlisted item is at Level III.