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October 5


general-area-rainedMan, itís been dry. Thank goodness it finally rained. Our field needed some rain to break up those huge clods.


closeup-rainedWell, weíve still got clods, but they appear to be a little softer and breaking apart so that our next tillage operation will work out great. Letís look a little closer.

There are some plants starting to grow now. What kind of seedlings are these? Well, letís think about that question for a second. What was the crop that was planted here last year. volunteer-emerging-rainedThatís right....wheat. These are wheat seedlings from this past summerís crop. When this field was harvested last summer some seeds were scattered on the ground and didnít germinate until the recent rains. This is not unusual for seed to be lost during the harvest operation and for that seed grow later in the summer or fall. This wheat is called "volunteer wheat" and we really donít want it to grow. So, weíll need to till the soil again to get rid of it.


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