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October 26


general-viewWow! It has only been a week since we last saw our field. You can see green plants.


wheat-standIf you look down you can see the rows of wheat seedlings. Letís look closer.


seedlingsHere are several seedlings that have only one leaf.


oneleafw2ndleafcomingIf you look closely you can see the second leaf starting to emerge. Thereís a system that identifies the different stages the wheat development. It is called the Feekes staging system. There are many different staging systems, but I like this because it is pretty easy to remember. Our seedlings are in Feekes stage 1 or seedling stage.
1.5leafThis seedling almost has two leaves fully emerged. But I donít think all the seedlings have emerged yet. Letís dig in the row to see if thereís anything there.



seedlingsJust as I thought. Hereís a seed with its coleoptile almost to the soil surface. It will probably emerge tomorrow. We prefer to see all the seeds germinate and emerge at the same time so they can better compete with each other.


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