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October 16


drill-front1Hurray, weíre finally planting wheat! Thatís a grain drill filled with wheat seed. We are planting only about 30 pounds per acre because it is a foundation seed production field. Most farmers in this area will plant about 75 to 90 pounds per acre.

drill-side2Hereís an action shot of our drill at work. The seed drops down through the front tubes that come from the seed box. The seed is in the area of drill where the sign that reads "Solid Stand 15". The box behind the seed carries fertilizer or plant nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Letís look at the rear of the drill.

drill-press-wheelsThose rubber wheels are called "press wheels" and they push soil over the seed so the seed is well covered and will germinate (sprout) and grow quickly.


seed-closeup1"I found some wheat seed by uncovering the soil. The seed was planted about an 1 Ĺ inch deep, which is about right. We donít want to plant any deeper because it is so late in the planting season and if we get cold weather the wheat seedlings will be slow to emerge and grow.


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