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May 9


general-viewOur field is still developing rapidly. There are some lighter green areas in the fieldĖthe heads are emerging in those areas, but, again Iím getting ahead of myself. Compare our field this year to last yearís field.

closeup-rowThe plants in the row are about 20 to 21 inches tall. We need to look closer to see the head emerging from the boot stage.


50headedThis a wheat head that is about 50% out of the boot. Plants that are in the boot stage are in Feekes stage 10. But this plant is in Feekes stage 10.3. These plants are flying through their development.


The flag leaf, which Iím holding, is the most important flag-leaf-cleanleaf the plant has now. About 75% of the materials (carbohydrates) that go into the seeds are produced by this leaf. So, it is very important that the flag leaf remains green and healthy if we want good yields. And by the look of things this leaf appears to be healthy.


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