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May 28


general-viewOur field has really turned colors in the past week. You donít notice it until you compare pictures from a week ago. This indicates the grain is filling and is in late milk stage (Feekes stage 11.1) or early dough stage (Feekes stage 11.2).

closeup-rowPlants in the row are still healthy. Iím amazed the flag leaves are still green. You can see why I donít think our field is going to yield very well ..... notice how few stems there are in this yard of row. Thatís not good.

headThis head looks good. You can see the spikelets have enlarged and the head appears blocky. That means the kernels are filling well, so they should be larger this year. Also, if you look closely you can see three kernels filling within a spikelet.


closeupkernelThis kernel is about 19 or 20 days old. That corresponds with early dough stage (Feekes stage 11.2). The kernel is still green, but it will start losing its color within a few days. If a disease killed the flag leaf today, yields would be reduced by 8 to 10 %. Obviously, the further advanced the kernels are when the flag leaf is lost reduces the damaging effect and the longer the flag leaf remains healthy helps grain yields.


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