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May 24


general-viewOur field looks almost exactly like it did earlier in the week. It is very windy, cloudy, and the temperatures are below normal (Iím wearing a coat!). Thatís perfect weather for grain-fillingĖ upper 60s and low 70s. But itís not too good for the other crops, such as corn and soybean that are trying to grow. I donít think it is suppose to freeze! You can see how wavy the wheat appearsĖ thatís the wind blowing the heads around.

row-with-ruler"The plants in the row are looking good. They are about 30 inches tall now. The leaves are still healthy and thatís rather amazing for this time of year.

closeupheadThis head appears to be a little smaller than the heads we saw last year. Do you see the whitish spikelet at the tip of this head and on the heads in the background? I bet you are wondering why this is happening, arenít you? Well, I think the hot weather we had recently burned those spikelets. So, there wonít be any grain in those florets of those spikelets. That is not unusual when we have very high temperatures like we had last week. Iím actually surprised our field looks as good as it does.
closeup-kernelThis kernel, which is about 15 days old, has changed from a silverish-green color that it had a couple days ago to a nice, green color now. And it appears the kernel is even more plump. I would say this kernel is in Feekes stage 11.1 (milk stage or milky ripe). We are about half-way through the grain-filling process now. This is the period of highest water demand for the wheat.


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