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May 21


general-viewOur field is rather pretty with the clouds in the background. The field is starting to have a reddish tinge, donít you think. Thatís normal for this variety to have a reddish color. We had more than an inch of rain over the weekend and the weather is almost down-right cold today. It is suppose to be only 70ļF today and the week is suppose to be cooler than normal. That will be great for our wheat crop.

closeup-rowMan, itís windy. Your eyes arenít playing tricks on you, the wheat heads are blurred because of the wind. The leaves still look healthy. Letís take a look at a kernel.

closeup-kernelThis kernel is more plump than the kernel we looked at last week. Last week the kernel was angular and skinny. Thereís some material in the kernel nowĖthatís why it is starting to become more plump or rounded. This kernel is about 11 or 12 days old.


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