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May 18


general-viewWe had a sprinkling of rain last night, but we could use a little more and it is considerably cooler than it has been the past few days. Overall our field looks pretty good, of course Iím already disappointed how it is going to yield. We donít have stripe rust, the one leaf disease that is giving farmers fits in southern Kansas. Stripe rust is a new disease for Kansas. We see it every now and then, but this year it is a serious disease.

closeup-rowThe plants appear to be healthy .... notice all those green leaves. You donít always see such nice, green, healthy leaves at this time of year. That will help our seed yields, but like I said before, the yields wonít be too good.

headshotWhen I was looking at the heads in our row I noticed some anthers had recently emerged from the florets. But I think they had actually flowered several days ago, but the anthers never emerged. Letís look at how the kernels have grown this week. (You can see the clouds in the background; thatís why this isnít one of the better pictures Iíve taken this year!!)
9day-old-kernelWow, this kernel has really grown compared to the one we looked at on Monday. Iíd say this kernel is about 8, maybe 9 days old and is almost its full size. Iíd say this kernel is in Feekes stage 10.5.4 (which means the kernels have a watery substance inside). Letís look at some kernels from last year in the same stage.


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