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June 25


generalviewbeforeharvest Our field is dry enough now that we can harvest our field without getting stuck.  It has been rather warm the past few days and that dried out the field.  If it hadnít rained so much last week we could have cut our field last week.  When wheat is ready to harvest it is important to cut it immediately, because you never know when the weather will cause other yield losses.


tn_harvest1Finally, weíve got the combine cutting our wheat.  It has been more than 250 days since we watched the grain drill plant this field last October.  Now, we are going to reap the fruits of our labor (Our labor was watching the wheat grow all year!) and see how many bushels of grain this field produces.


135c_edit.jpg (9103 bytes)135_edit.jpg (10204 bytes)There are different kinds of combines, some old and some new, but they all separate the kernels from the head.  Would you like to look inside a combine?  Well, click here to see inside a combine.

145edit.jpg (8374 bytes)After the combineís grain bin is full the grain is dumped into a grain truck.  Because the wheat grain from our field will be used for seed to plant this coming fall, the seed will be stored in grain bins.  It will be cleaned later this summer.  Farmers might store their grain for a period of time before they sell it or they take it directly to a grain elevator and sell their grain.


generalviewafterharvestWell, I thought you might want to take one last look at our field after it was harvested.  So, itís time to say goodbye to our field, but the wheat story doesnít end with the harvest.  Actually, itís just getting started on another adventure.  You can learn more about what happens to wheat after it leaves the field by clicking on these items below.  Watch wheat as it is being:
 tn_chisel Immediately after harvest the farm crew starts to till the wheat stubble (straw) with a piece of equipment called a chisel. So, we are getting ready for wheat planting again this fall. 



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