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June 13


general-viewOur field is getting closer to harvest every day. With the high temperatures and winds we've had the past few days our wheat has really turned colors. You can still see some green heads and stems– those are the late tillers and there are some grassy weeds in there too. Harvest is underway in southern Kansas now. I think this field will be ready to cut by this time next week. Compare what this field looked like last week

general-viewYou can see these plants don't have any green leaves now and most stems have turned a straw-tan color.


100head This head is turning colors, but it's not ready to be cut yet. Also, in the background you can see how much green some plants still have. With this heat we're having those plants will die very soon.


100kernel This is the same head from the last picture and you can see the kernel is tan and appears ready .... but it isn't. I bit several kernels to see if they broke or if they turned to mush. They are very doughy and chewing – about like chewing gum. This kernel is in the Feekes stage 11.3 (kernel hard). It is losing moisture now and will continue to lose water. When the grain is at about 13 percent moisture the field will be harvested. So, it won't be long now.


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