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June 1


shows the picture of the developing wheat fieldOur field continues to develop and it is starting to turn a reddish color. Weíve had some great wheat weather this past week. It wasnít too hot and we had about 1 Ĺ inches of rain. The wheat really likes that.

shows the heads of the plants leaning in the direction of the wind and also the blue flagsPlants in the row still appear healthy. You can tell the wind is blowing today by the way the heads are leaning. I think we should look at the flag leaf of a plant or two to see if everything is okay.

shows the orange spots on the flag leafUh oh! Weíve got some orange spots on the flag leaf. Thatís leaf rust and we donít like that. Fortunately, our wheat has developed enough that the rust will cause little or no damage. If the leaf rust had developed a couple weeks ago our grain yields would have been reduced. I predict by next Friday most of our flag leaves will be gone!
shows the wheat head with the kernels in some spikeletsNow, thatís a wheat head! Just look at the number of kernels in some spikelets. There are a few spikelets with four kernels in them. Do you see them (look at the middle of the head)?

shows a kernel in its dough stateWith the cooler-than-normal weather we've had lately our wheat has slowed its development. This kernel is about 22 to 23 days old and is still in the dough stage (Feekes stage 11.2). I thought the kernels should be changing colors by now. Last year at this time the kernels had their mature color.


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