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April 25


general-viewI think our field is really kicking it into gear now. With the warm weather we’ve had lately, it appears to me the wheat is making up for lost time– it’s speeding up its development.

closeup-rowThe plants are getting taller. The leaves appear to be healthy– I can’t find any diseases other than tan spot.


plantinhandI pulled up this plant to look at its stem. I’m looking for nodes or joints on the stem. A node looks like an elbow or knee joint. When we see a node we know the growing point or head is above that node. We’ll need to get closer.


closeupnode1Well, there you have it (the stem on the right). There’s the first node about an inch above my thumb (If you look up the stem you can see a swollen area of stem–that’s the node. And if you still can’t see it, in the background there’s some bare ground, the node lines up about halfway in the bare ground.) This plant is in Feekes stage 6 (first node visible).
1stplant1Our single plant looks happy as a clam with all of its tillers. You can see some weeds encroaching into the clear area.


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