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wheat facts

Kansas Wheat Information

U.S. Wheat Statistics from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service

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Miscellaneous Good Stuff

  • Johnny Kaw: The Pioneer Kansas Wheat Farmer  According to tall tale accounts, Kansas was logged off by Paul Bunyan before Johnny and his family arrived, and Paul had long since headed back to Minnesota. However, after Johnny planted Kansas full of wheat, Paul came back to see what had become of the land. Johnny didn't take kindly to Bunyan tromping down his wheat so he had quite a fight with the other big fellow. He got the best of him and chased him south, where his brother Jim got a hold of the logger and used his nose to plow the Mississippi River Bed.
  • Wheat Facts from the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers  Excellent resource for more wheat facts.
  • Wheat Mania! from the Kansas Wheathearts  Check out life on a Kansas wheat farm, view prairie skyscrapers (grain elevators), learn wheat trivia, investigate Flour Power fun and games.
  • National Association of Wheat Weavers  Resources for artwork made from wheat straw.

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