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Precipitation Summary

This summary includes the rainfall reports for all stations within a county,  along with the departure from normal.  Normal refers to a 30 year average that is updated every 10 years.  In these summaries "normal" is 1961-90; "new normal" is 1971-2000. The abbreviation "Dep" indicates that year's departure from normal.  The 1961-90 normals were used for 2000 and 2001.  The 1971-2000 normals were in use until July 2011.  Normals for 1981-2010 are now in use, and can be seen at the current county precipitation page.

Click on a county  to get the precipitation report for that county.  Click here if you want the entire state (all counties).  The all county format doesn't include individual stations, just the county averages. For nearly real-time precipitation by county, visit www.cocorahs.org  If you have questions, or need additional information contact us at the Weather Data Library:

State Climatologist
1004 Throckmorton Hall
(785) 532-7019
AL Allen DP Doniphan JA Jackson MR Morris SA Saline
AN Anderson DG Douglas JF Jefferson MT Morton SC Scott
AT Atchison ED Edwards JW Jewell NM Nemaha SG Sedgwick
BA Barber EK Elk JO Johnson NO Neosho SW Seward
BT Barton EL Ellis KE Kearny NS Ness SN Shawnee
BB Bourbon EW Ellsworth KM Kingman NT Norton SD Sheridan
BR Brown FI Finney KW Kiowa OS Osage SH Sherman
BU Butler FO Ford LB Labette OB Osborne SM Smith
CS Chase FR Franklin LE Lane OT Ottawa SF Stafford
CQ Chautauqua GE Geary LV Leavenworth PN Pawnee ST Stanton
CK Cherokee GO Gove LC Lincoln PL Phillips SV Stevens
CN Cheyenne GH Graham LN Linn PT Pottawatomie SU Sumner
CA Clark GT Grant LG Logan PR Pratt TH Thomas
CY Clay GY Gray LY Lyon RA Rawlins TR Trego
CD Cloud GL Greeley MN Marion RN Reno WB Wabaunsee
CF Coffey GW Greenwood MS Marshall RP Republic WA Wallace
CM Comanche HM Hamilton MP McPherson RC Rice WS Washington
CL Cowley HP Harper ME Meade RL Riley WH Wichita
CR Crawford HV Harvey MI Miami RO Rooks WL Wilson
DC Decatur HS Haskell MC Mitchell RH Rush WO Woodson
DK Dickinson HG Hodgeman MG Montgomery RS Russell WY Wyandotte