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Elmwood, NE, April 6, 1919. This tornado photograph is probably reprinted more than any other tornado cloud picture. The look in the cloud is believed to be a trick of perspective. Seven views of this cloud were obtained. The cloud appeared almost white, much like a column of steam, while the sky below the parent cloud was entirely blue, making a striking picture possible. The tail resembled a rope dangling from the sky, and traveled similarly. The whirling of the clouds could be plainly seen. One building was apparently completely lifted to the upper level of the cloud. There it was ripped apart, flattened into a horizontal plane, and scattered like a deck of cards thrown into the air. The loss was estimated at about $250,000. Fortunately, no one was injured. (Monthly Weather Review of April 1919, p.234.) Photograph by W.A. Wood, of Weepingwater, NE.
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