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Austin, TX, May 4, 1922. Two vortex clouds appeared at about the same time, and ended up killing 13 people and causing over $500,000 in damage. These views were taken from the Littlefield Building, about three miles northwest of the cloud. Eyewitnesses reported that one tornado "looked like a funnel-shaped mass of cloud and dust, churning and whirling with a small black core. As this black core moved forward everything seemed to rush to meet it. Large trees were torn up by their roots and drawn in tops first, buildings of all sizes just seemed to go to pieces, and the materials, especially the roofs, sailed towards this central core, where they were torn to pieces and carried high into the air." (See Monthly Weather Review, May 1922, p.251.) Photo by Gazley Company, 204 W Sixth St, Austin, TX.
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