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Station Weather Data for CE 752

Hourly precipitation data in 3240 Format

Manhattan Agronomy Farm (1948-1970)
Milford Lake (1967-2011)
Tuttle Creek (1959-2004)

Hourly precipitation data in 3505 Format

Manhattan (1973-2005)
Manhattan (2006-2011)



Station Weather Data for Natural Resources Management Engineering (BAE 560)

Daily  data in comma-separated ASCII

Manhattan Agronomy Farm (1984-2012)
Manhattan NWS Coop  (1981-2012)
Tuttle Creek Lake (1981-2012)


Weather Data for Manuscripts

Gray, Etal

For more information on contact:

Mary Knapp   
Weather Data Library
785 532-7019                     

Last updated: 06/18/14