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Evapotranspiration  Data

Daily weather and evapotranspiration from these stations are available below:
K-State Research and Extension   Mesonet   KWO
(western KS)
  GMD #5
Big Bend
  GMD #2
Equus Beds
Colby   Butler   Cheyenne   Cairo   East Sedgwick   KU_NESA
Garden City   Cherokee   Grant   Cullison   Harvey - 1087   Abrams
Hays   Clay   Gray   Great Bend   Hutchinson - 1086   Centralia Lake
Hutchinson   Elk   Hamilton   Greensburg   McPherson - 1089   Phillipsburg
Manhattan   Harper   Haskell   Lewis   North Reno - 1129    
Ottawa   Hodgeman   Lane   Macksville   South Reno - 1118    
Parsons   Jewell   Sheridan   Radium   Sedgwick - 1088    
Rossville   Meade   Sherman   Rozel        
Scandia   Miami   Stanton   Stafford        
Silver Lake   Mitchell   Wallace   Sterling        
St. John   Osage   Wichita            
Tribune   Osborne                



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