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Why use the ear-leaf test at silking?

Why Do Farmers Use Pesticides?

When the CRP Ends: A Look at Production Alternatives for Highly Erodible Land     in Southern Iowa

What about yield goals?

What about N credits following soybean?

Weed Management in Conservation Tillage

Weed Management for Organic Farmers

Visually rating nitrogen sufficiency

Vegetative Filter Strips for Improved Surface Water Quality

Using new technologies to assess nitrogen fertilizer needs

Using Degree Days in an Integrated Pest Management Program

Understanding and Reducing Pesticide Losses

Stewards of our Streams: Riparian Buffer Systems

Stewards of our Streams: Buffer Strip Design, Establishment, and Maintenance

Stewards of our Streams: Assessing the Need for a Riparian Management      System (RiMS)

Sprayer Calibration Worksheet

Soil Erosion, Crop Productivity and Cultural Practices

Soil Erosion and the Iowa Soil 2000 Program

Selecting the Correct Nozzle to Reduce Spray Drift

Restricted-use Pesticide Recordkeeping Rules for Certified Private Applicators

Resources Conservation Practices: Understanding and Managing Soil    Compaction

Resources Conservation Practices: Residue Management and Cultural Practices

Resources Conservation Practices: Considerations in Selecting No-Till

Resources Conservation Practices: Consider the Strip-Tillage Alternative

Rate Variability of Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator Equipment

Protecting Our Water Quality with Sprayer Calibration

Protecting Our Water Quality with Effective Soil Sampling

Private Applicator Restricted-use Pesticide Records table

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