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Phosphorus Workshop

Heartland Region Phosphorus Best Management Practices Workshop

June 8-10, 2004 - Nebraska City, NE

The Heartland Water Quality Coordination Initiative's Nutrient and Pesticide Management (NPM) Team hosted a Phosphorus Best Management Practices (BMPs) Workshop at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center, located at the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, NE. The workshop was held on June 8th, 9th, and 10th of 2004.

The June Phosphorus Workshop followed a February 2004 Phosphorus Roundtable meeting of approximately 20 researchers that addressed phosphorus pollution issues in the region. The February meeting reported the latest findings on BMPs. The June workshop was designed to relay that information and to formulate tentative plans for application in each state. There was a total of 63 participants from the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska; including employees from the county, state, and federal levels.

The NPM Team plans to host similar roundtables and workshops in regards to Nitrogen in 2005, and Pesticides in 2006. These meetings will also compile information and evaluate BMPs for Nitrogen and Pesticides, respectively.

Workshop Information and Presentations are listed below.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Participants

Phosphorus Workshop Information Sheets:

Effectiveness of Phosphorus Best Management Practices for Agriculture

Best Management Practices for Agriculture - Watershed Modeling and Field Drainage Systems

The Phosphorus Indexes in the Heartland Region

Workshop Speakers and Presentations:

Gary Pierzynski, Kansas State University

Don Huggins, University of Kansas

  • The Effects of Phosphorus on Aquatic Environments. Power Point.

Antonio Mallarino, Iowa State University

Chris Murray, Iowa Natural Resources Conservation Service

Diego Ayala, Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation Service

Ron Miller, Missouri Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • Missouri Phosphorus Index. Power Point.
  • Using the Phosphorus Index in Missouri. Power Point.

Dale Leikam, Kansas State University

James Baker, Iowa State University

Richard Schultz, Iowa State University

Bahman Eghball, USDA-ARS

Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University

John Kovar, Iowa National Soil Tilth Laboratory

Verel Benson, University of Missouri

Kent McVay, Kansas State University

Ray Massey, University of Missouri

John Bender, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

Workshop Group Discussions:

The workshop group was divided into five smaller groups (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Region 7). The following two items were discussed:

1) How the Phosphorus Index is used in each state.

2) Phosphorus Best Management Practices (BMPs)...opportunities, obstacles, training needs, etc.

The workshop group reconvened, and each of the five groups presented on their group discussion.

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Photograph by Tom Schultz, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Iowa State University

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