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P-Index Roundtable

Understanding Current and Future P – Index Issues in the Heartland Region

February 9-10, 2011 - Nebraska City, NE

The Heartland Water Quality Coordination Initiative's Nutrient Management (NM) and Animal Manure Management (AMM) Teams co-hosted a P-Index Roundtable at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center, located at the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, NE. This roundtable was held February 9-10, 2011.

The GOAL of the roundtable was to define opportunities for regional cooperation in assessing current P indices and develop next generation P indices. The roundtable agenda and presentations are listed below.

Roundtable Agenda

Workshop Speakers and Presentations...

Day 1, February 9

SERA-17 Review of the 590 standard:  What did they say?- Andrew Sharpley, University of Arkansas

Iowa P-IndexAntonio Mallarino, Iowa State University

Nebraska P-IndexCharles Wortman, University of Nebraska

Missouri P-IndexJohn Lory, University of Missouri

Kansas P-IndexNathan Nelson, Kansas State University

Options for assessing current P-Indices

Modeling Options for Assessing P Indices - Carl Bolster, USDA-ARS, Bowling Green, KY

Discussion:  Opportunities for cooperation on assessing P indices

  • What are the needs in our region for assessing current P indices?
  • Which modeling approaches are appropriate for our region?
  • What are some of the strongest assets in the region for assessing P indices?
  • Are there options for regional cooperation for assessing current P indices?

Day 2, February 10

Review of edge-of-field water quality research in the region: can we use it for P index validation Mark Tomer, USDA-ARS, Ames, IA

Objectives of next generation of P - Indexes - John Lory and Nathan Nelson

Discussion:  What is the role of the P index in Region 7

  • When should it be used?
  • Are our interpretations of ratings appropriate?
  • Are there options for more uniformity in rating systems among states.

Discussion:  Opportunities for cooperation on developing next generation P index

  • Should we be moving to a regional index model?
  • What approaches should be considered in next generation P index?
  • What are some of our strongest assets in the region for developing next generation P indices?

Discussion:  Options for moving forward

  • Funding options for regional cooperation?
  • What is a good next step?


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