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Examples of Web Design Work
by Marsha Landis
TH Web Manager  

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Welcome to Throckmorton Website Design and Support. Marsha Landis is your in-house Web Manager and is available to consult on website layout, strategy, content and new site development for the Departments of Agronomy, Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources, and Plant Pathology. All sites are constructed using the College of Agriculture Content Management System (CMS). There are three Website committees in Throckmorton that Marsha is a active part of. Click Here to view Departmental Committee Members. For questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact your Web Manager:

Marsha Landis
1302C Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center
Kansas State State University
(785) 532-1137

Active Websites

  1. Agronomy
  2. Agron Extension
  3. Agron Instructional Resources
  4. Agron Soil Testing
  5. Agronomy Research
  7. Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources (HFRR)
  8. Poinsettias
  9. Plant Pathology
  10. iGenomics
  11. TH Computer Support
  12. Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management

Sites in Progress

  1. KSU Gardens
  2. Wheat Blast
  3. EPA Brownfield
  4. Wheat Blast
  5. Lesser Prairie Chicken

Web Sub-Sections

  1. Agron GIA
  2. HFRR Extension
  3. HFRR Research

Social Media

  1. HFRR
  2. Agronomy
  3. Plant Diseases
  4. WOEM
  5. WOEM Student Interaction Group
  6. KSU Gardens

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