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KSRE Adobe Connect Conferencing
2015 Changes for KSRE Adobe Connect Users

As part of the integration of KSRE IT services with KSU IT services, we are in the process of evaluating our current license with Adobe Connect. Over the past seven years, Adobe Connect has served us well as a powerful online communication tool. 
At this point in time, we ask that you start to use the KSU Zoom web conferencing system. The use of Zoom is free for all K-State faculty and staff. Zoom contains many similar features as Adobe Connect for webinars and online meetings. There are plenty of online Zoom resources to help you along.

Zoom resources can be found at...

With the migration over to Zoom, if you have any Connect recordings that you would like to keep, you will need to save them offline ASAP. All saved recordings will need to completed by May 1, 2015.
A quick illustration on "How to Save your KSRE Adobe Connect Recordings" is now posted online.

If you need any additional help or have questions, please feel free to contact Gerry Snyder at gsnyder@ksu.edu .


 Connect Help Information at Adobe.com...

Connect "Host" Quick Start Tips SheetConnect>Connect Meeting

Connect "Participants" Quick Start Tip Sheet



Google Chrome Problems!
Our version of Adobe Connect (version 8) does not fully work with the Google Chrome web browser. Try using FireFox, IE or Safari if you plan to Host a meeting or be a Presenter. For more information, Adobe has information to this technical issue.


What is Adobe Connect? It is an on-line Web communication tool for meetings, eLearning, and online presentations/seminars (webinars) through any standard Web browser. Adobe Connect allows you to deliver rich, engaging content using live video, audio, view PowerPoint presentations, post agendas, share desktops and documents with interactive features such as on-line polls, whiteboards, and active chat. Connect and Connect Now general information handout (pdf).

Recorded online Connect training class from Gerry Snyder (Jan. 2014)


NEW - Top 10 Tips for a Successful Adobe Connect Meeting

KSRE Adobe Connect is a powerful online web conferencing communication tool. It is used for hosting webinars, online meetings and educational and research collaboration. By spending a little time learning several of its key features, your meetings will go more smoothly and look more professional.

This small guide offers additional tips and helpful advice toward a successful online experience.

Download Top 10 Tips for a Successful Adobe Connect Meeting (pdf)


Connect (version 8) is re-packaged for easier use with Internet audio, recording meetings, and sharing screens and applications. Join us for upcoming training classes to learn more of the new features (training time and dates posted to the right).

Want to take a peek at the new interface?
Click here and log in as a Guest to view our KSRE Connect Training Room.

Mobile Connect is available! Go to your favorite mobile app site to download this great tool for the mobile warrior. It works great for iPad, iPod, and Android devices.


IET is offering Connect for free to KSRE and the College of Agriculture. ALL USERS, please test your computer before entering a Connect meeting room. First Timers, please go to the Getting Started page to install and test components.Help Me With>New>BreezeIMG

See the HELP Links at the right for new users, Participants, Presenters, and Hosts. They contain helpful information, and technical resources.



Snyder, Gerry
Associate Multimedia Specialist
Phone : 785-532-6270

HELP Links




Webcam Setup and Use

Services>VidConf>WebcamSetup>This is a short 2-minute video to help you setup your webcam.

Microphone/Audio Setup

Connect>>Audio Setup Learn how to use the Audio Setup Wizard. (3 minutes)

User Roles

Connect>>RolesThis 4-minute video explains the different roles available during a meeting.


Share Pod

Connect>>RolesThis 4-minute video covers the basic features of the share pod.


Adobe Connect Getting Started Guide

Services>VidConf>Adobe Connect Quick Start Guide Several short tutorials on using Connect including Uploading Content and Recording Meetings.


Meeting Room Backgrounds

Clean, professional backgrounds to spice up your meeting room!

Camera Advice

We highly recommend using a Logitech Webcam if you plan to use Adobe Connect as a "Presenter" or "Host." They contain both video camera and built-in microphone. Connect "Participants" do not need Webcams.

The following is our list of recommended Webcams for KSRE users:

QuickCam Webcam C600

For more information, go to the Logitech webcam site .