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General View - Sept. 22, 2003Our plants continue to lose leaves, but not fast enough for me.  The plants are standing well which surprises me.  I thought we would have more stalk lodging (stalks falling over) because of stem weevil damage, but I'm not complaining. 

General view eastBecause we've been taking pictures in the mornings, we've been facing west the whole season.  But it's about 1:30 pm right now, so for a change I thought we would go to the west side of the field and look back to the east.  Do you see any differences from this direction?  Well, from this view we get to see the back of the heads and I think the plants at this end of the field aren't as big and they don't have as many leaves still attached.  The soil at the east end of the field is probably a little better because it's not as eroded as the west end. 

Back of sunflower headsThe back of the heads are still turning brown and these have head moth and Rhizopus damage. 


Bird damageThis is a close-up of bird damage.  The birds are having a feast every day and all day long.  We've had some cool night temperatures so we don't have as many mourning doves now.

CockleburDo you remember early in the growing season when we were so worried about weeds?  Well, what we have here is several cocklebur plants at the edge of the field.  These plants are very competitive and would have caused a reduction in sunflower yields had we not removed them.