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May 15





Disk sideThis piece of tillage equipment is called a disk. It's called that because it has two rows of those metal "disks" that turn and mix the soil. It's an excellent tool to smooth the soil and destroy weed seedlings. Unfortunately, it destroys plant residues that would normally protect the soil from wind and water erosion.   Also, it can cause soil compaction when the soil is too wet.

Disk gangThis is a close-up of a row or gang of disks.  In this picture the disks are above the soil.  The tractor operator can raise or lower the disk using a hydraulic pump. 

Disk rearThis gives you an idea of the size of the disk.  It appears there are some large chunks or clods of soil.  This area that is being disked right now may be a little too wet.  You can see that weeds are being destroyed.

Disked soilThis is an area that's a little drier than the one above.  The clods aren't as big and the soil is much smoother.  This could be planted right now if a farmer wanted to.  Most of the plant residues have been mixed into the soil leaving the soil subject to erosion.