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General view Aug 15, 2003Our field is hanging on, even though we've had several days with temperatures over 100 F. The plants still have a good green color.  

Head backThe back of the heads continue to turn yellow, but the bracts are mostly green. This plant is still in the R8 stage of maturity. 

Kernel seedThis seed is well developed and it's not as white as the seed we saw last week. 

Soil cracksThere a couple of things to see in this picture. Those soil cracks indicate we're experiencing severe drought conditions.  It's amazing the plants aren't showing more drought symptoms. The other item is that little velvetleaf plant in the shadows on the left side.  It would appear that we didn't get every weed in the field!  That weed isn't doing any damage. It emerged late and it is being out-competed by the sunflower plants.