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general open viewAs you can see, our field has lost that lush green color since last Tuesday. Now, we see more yellowing. It is suppose to do that. Our field is still in good shape. If it rains now will that help our field? That's a good question. At this stage, a rain would help but not to the same extent a rain the first week of August would have helped. So, yes, it would help a little bit.
general rowPlants in our row are starting to turn yellow. That happens this time of year as the days get shorter and nutrients in the leaves are transported to the seeds in the pods. As this happens, chlorophyll is lost and photosynthetic activity is reduced. But other leaf pigments, such as the carotenoids still remain active which gives the yellow coloring.
first plantOur first plant looks like it has shrunk, doesn't it? Its leaves are turning yellow. Eventually, these yellow leaves will fall off, leaving only the pods. The leaves at the top look like skeletons with all the insect feeding.
scond plantOur second plant is losing leaves too. You can see them on the ground. The pods are still green, but there is a hint of yellowing. Mature soybean seeds have a yellowish color.

Soybean Scene

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