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general viewWe received 2.4 inches of rain over the weekend. I don't think our field will be able to use any of that moisture at this point. Our field is maturing rapidly now. There aren't many leaves left.
general rowWow, it appears that almost all the leaves are gone now. All the plants in our row are at the R8 stage (95% of the pods have reached their mature color). 
first plantOur first plant has lost its leaves and it's at the R8 stage. The stems are losing their green color.

second plantOur second plant, if you will remember, was at the R8 stage last week. Actually, I was doubting myself and I said it would be at the R8 stage for sure by the weekend. Well, you can see for yourself that it is definitely at the R8 stage now. Even the stems are brown now. 
mature plants and podsThis picture may give you a better idea of the mature plants and pods. Notice the stems are brown, but you might see a pod or two that still have a greenish color. I bet you're wondering when we will be harvesting this field, aren't you? What do you week? Two weeks? a month? Well, I'm guessing we'll harvest this field within two weeks. So, that means we'll be cutting soybeans by October 8th. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
couple of mature podsHere are a couple mature pods. The beans have lost a considerable amount of moisture and they have shrunk to their mature size and color. We are waiting for the beans to dry to about 15 percent moisture and for the stems to dry down. Right now the beans are too wet (That's farmer talk meaning the moisture content is too high) and if we harvested them now we wouldn't be able to store the beans (because the high moisture content could cause them to rot).
splitbeanI bit this bean in half. It didn't break when I bit it; rather it smashed apart. So, I'm guessing its moisture content is somewhere around 25 percent. When I bite a bean and it cracks or breaks in half, I know the moisture content is about right for harvest.

Soybean Scene

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