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general viewWe've had several inches of rain the past few days and leaves continue to turn yellow and fall from the plants. This area of the field is probably in the best condition compared to other areas of the field.
field which  lost all leaves and most podsHere's an area on the west side of the field that has lost nearly all leaves and most pods are near their mature color (R8 stage). So, you can see that different parts of the field may be better or worse than other parts. Why do you suppose the plants in this area are more mature? That's a good question. Well, the plants appear to be shorter, so my guess is the soil in this area of the field may have a shallower top soil and it may be more prone to drought stress; and it may have fewer nutrients that plants require for optimal growth (a poorer soil). Do you have any other ideas?
general rowThe difference from last Friday is amazing! More pods are turning brown than last week. I'm starting to notice that some stems are starting to turn brown and, of course, there aren't as many leaves left on the plants. 
first plantOur first plant is almost completely defoliated (lost all its leaves). The leaves that are still attached are yellow. I don't think it will have any leaves when we look at it next week. The pods are turning brown too.

second plantOur second plant is really maturing now. In fact, this plant has reached the R8 stage, which means that 95% of the pods have reached their mature color. Let's look closer at some of its pods. 
side view of second plant which has some pods as green and some are matureThis is a side view of our second plant. You can see most of the pods have reached their mature color. There are some pods that still have a greenish color and the stem is still green. If this plant isn't at R8, it will be by the weekend. When I bite the beans they are still a little spongy and chewy.

Soybean Scene

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