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general viewOur field continues to mature as evidenced by the leaf yellowing. You will be surprised how fast the leaves yellow and drop over the next two weeks or so. Have you started to think about when we will harvest this field? I wanted to take pictures last Friday, but it was raining to hard. It rained about 0.55 inches.
general rowOur row is yellowing and dropping leaves a little faster than the rest of the field.  The reason is we are handling the plants more than surrounding plants. Otherwise these plants are maturing normally. There are a few insects still feeding on the plants. Click here to see these insects.
first plantOur first plant's leaves are turning yellow and a few have dropped to the ground. But there are quite a few leaves that are still green.

second plantThe second plant is maturing like our first plant. As I mentioned before, the plants in this row have more yellow leaves than surrounding plants. We will have to quit putting the poster board between the plants, otherwise they will break when we try to pull them apart. 
maturing podsThese pods have started to change colors. They will continue to lose their green color and turn a tannish-brown color. Notice how green the plants are in the background. 

Soybean Scene

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