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general viewThere's a little sunshine today, but we've had some rain since Monday. You can see that our field is still wet. It has been cool as well, but I think these soybean plants are growing. Let's look a little closer.

100 rowPlants in the row appear to be healthy. The unifoliolate leaves are unfolded and the cotyledons are still attached to the stems. There's still some feeding on the unifoliolate leaves by some unknown critter. I looked around but couldn't find any insects that are causing the problem.

1001st trifoliolateIf we look a little closer at these plants, we can see the new leaves starting to unfold. This leaf is called a trifoliolate leaf. "Tri" means three, so this leaf will have three leaflets. This will be easier to see next week. This can be compared to the unifoliolate leaves ("Uni" means one.) that are just below the young trifoliolate leaf. How many trifoliolate leaves will these soybean plants have .... Five? Ten? or Twenty? You'll just have to wait and see!!

Soybean Scene

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