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general viewHere's our soybean field and you can see it is soaked. We had about 3 inches of rain over the weekend and we are supposed to get more rain today and tomorrow. I hope we get some rains like this during July and August because we'll certainly need it then. It appears everything is growing well. You can see the plants in the rows better each time. It has been cool and cloudy so the plants aren't growing as fast as they could be.

100 rowAll the seedlings have their unifoliolate leaves unfolded and if you look closely the next leaves can be seen.

100close up unfoliolateHere's a seedling with its unifoliolate leaves unfolded and you can see the growing point between the leaves. A new set of leaves will be seen easily by Friday, but it may not be unfolded by then. We'll just have to wait. It appears that some kind of critter (insect) has been chewing on the unifoliolate leaves. The cotyledons are still green.

Soybean Scene

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