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general viewOur field continues to recover from the hail storm we had two weeks ago. It appears that a couple more trifoliolate leaves have been added.

general rowPlants in the row are making progress. New leaves continue to form in the axils of the lower leaves and at the growing point, if it wasn’t damaged.

first plantHere’s the first plant we’ve been watching. You can see the new leaves developing in the axils of the lower leaves. It will be a while before this plant gets much taller. These lower leaves will eventually become branches and they will grow upright.
second plantThis is the second plant we’ve been watching. Its growing point wasn’t damaged so it continues to add new leaves from the growing point at the top of the plant. This plant is at the V6 stage. It won’t be long before I won’t be able to get the whole plant in the picture!

Soybean Scene

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