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general viewOur field appears to have recovered from the hail damage. It seems like it has really grown this past week. Our temperatures have been in the upper 80s and low 90s this past week and we’ve had good soil moisture, so the plants are making up for the cool weather and slow growth in May. As you might guess, it is warm and windy again today.

genral rowIn our marked row you can see the light green leaves, which is the new growth that has emerged since the hail damage. That’s not unusual for the regrowth to have lighter green leaves than the older leaves. Do you see some crabgrass starting to grow again? I think so, too! Click here to see what the field would have looked like without using a herbicide to control the weeds.

first plantOur first plant, whose growing point was destroyed, has made great progress this past week. (Compare it to last week). You can see new leaves coming from the axils of the unifoliolate leaves.
second plantOur second plant is now in the V4 stage, which means it has 4 leaves that are completely unfolded. (Remember this plant is only missing the first trifoliolate leaf) It has new leaves growing from the axils of the first and second trifoliolate leaves. (Compare it to last week).  The cotyledons are just about ready to drop off. The cotyledons of most other plants have long been gone. Notice how stunted the plants to the left are– the bigger plants will keep those two small plants from getting very big.
third plantThis third plant, which is not in our marked area, is recovering well, too. Look what it looked like last week. This plant is going to survive and it should do well unless its bigger, neighboring plants shade it.

Soybean Scene

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