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general viewWe've got an overcast day and it sprinkled a little this morning. At first glance you might think our field looks okay, but it isn't. A lot has happened since Saturday. We had a severe hail storm Saturday night and it damaged our plants.

general rowThis is a view of a our marked area and I think you can see there aren't as many leaves as there was on Saturday. Let's take a closer look.

hail damage image 1This is the same plant that we looked at last week. Compare this picture with Saturday's picture. Where’s the first trifoliolate leaf? The hail stripped it from the stem. The second trifoliolate leaf has grown since Saturday. There’s only one unifoliolate leaf remaining. The hail knocked the other one off. And the growing point has been damaged. Will this plant die? What do you think? We’ll have to watch it to find out.

hail damage image2This is another plant in our marked area. You can see the first trifoliolate leaf is gone from this plant too. But the growing point (future leaves) is still intact unlike the last picture. You can see the third trifoliolate leaf starting to unfold under the second trifoliolate leaf. This plant is in better shape than the previous plant.
hail damage image3This plant isn't in our area, but I thought we should look at it too. This plant was much smaller than the two previous plants. It lost its trifoliolate leaf and one unifoliolate leaf. Is it going to survive? If you look closely at the axils (The axil is where the leaf stem or petiole attaches to the main stem.) of the unifoliolate leaves you can see small green leaves starting to grow. Those will be branches. So, yes, this plant is going to survive. Had you worried there for a minute, didn't I?

Soybean Scene

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