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field Our field continues to grow and everything appears to be okay. It hasn't rained in several days so the soil surface is starting to dry. The temperature is suppose to be near 95 F today.

plantsrow We need to pick a spot in the field that we can come back to each time to see how the plants have progressed. So, we've picked this spot in the field. Let's look a little closer.

platn1aThe plants are in various stages, but most have the first trifoliolate leaves unfolded now. Some seedlings that emerged late are behind developmentally, but that's okay. Let's take a closeup look at the plant on the left.
plant1b Looking at this plant several things are apparent. First, the cotyledons are turning yellow. This means they have served their purpose as storage organs and almost all the nutrients have been used by the plant. They will soon fall off the stem. Second, one unifoliolate leaf has been chewed on. Third, the first trifoliolate leaf has unfolded and the second trifoliolate is visible just below the first trifoliolate leaf. But, it won't be below it for very long.

Soybean Scene

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