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fieldWell, we can start to see the actual green plants now, instead of having to use our imagination. You can also see that we’ve had a little rain (about 1 ˝ inches) the past couple days. I think we really needed it too.

plantsrowWow, our soybean seedlings have really jumped in the past few days. I can count at least seven seedlings in this foot of row. That’s a pretty good number of plants to have in 12 inches of row. Let’s look a little closer.

plant1aThese seedlings are at various stages. The seedlings on the right have cotyledons that are splitting apart. The seedlings on the left have some new leaves unfolding. These new leaves are called the unifoliolate leaves. These leaves are much different than the cotyledons because they capture light and, through photosynthesis, convert light and water to carbohydrates. Cotyledons are basically storage organs. These unifoliolate leaves are different than the next leaves we will see next week.
plant1bThis picture might give you a better idea of the difference between the cotyledons and the unifoliolate leaves. Notice the unifoliolate leaves are arranged at a 90° angle or a quarter turn of the stem. These seedlings look great.
skipsLast week I mentioned that farmers don't like to see skips in the rows, well some seedlings are coming finally where it was blank.

Soybean Scene

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