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fieldHereís our field on another hot day. Man, is it hot!! Itís already in the 90s this morning. Thereís a small chance of rain tonight, but I donít think it will rain. It was certainly hot over the weekend.  On Saturday it was 105 F.  Usually, the soybeans will grow enough that the area between the rows will be covered by leaves. This helps shade out weeds that are between the rows. But I donít know if our field will cover the ďmiddles.Ē What do you think? I guess time will tell.

plantsrowHereís our marked row.  The plants have grown a little since last week (based on how close they are to the red flags).  Oops, the crabgrass is still there too.  Almost all the plants are flowering now.

plant1aThis plant has several branches and you can see the branches have flowers too.  Flowers form at the nodes of the main stem first and then the nodes on the branches will form flowers.  Do you see where the branches are attached to the plant?  They are attached in the axils of the leaves.  These branches were the regrowth caused by the hail damage.
growingpartThis is the growing point of the plant. It is slightly below the other leaves for protection.  All new leaves and nodes are packed into this bud.  You can see the next trifoliolate leaf that will unfold in a few days above the growing point.  The new leaves form on alternate sides of the stem as it elongates. 

plant1aThis is our first plant that weíve been watching. It hadnít flowered last Friday when we looked at it, but itís really flowering now.  Itís in the R2 stage.

plant1bHereís the second plant weíve been watching.  You can see flowers up and down the stem.  Flowers will last 3 to 5 days before they dry-up. This plant is still in the R2 stage, but it has gained another leaf (V9).  At the R2 stage the plant has developed about 50 percent of its leaves and only about 25 percent of its total potential dry matter or weight.

Soybean Scene

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