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fieldOur field continues to grow. Iím seeing more crabgrass and other weeds showing up .... and thatís not good. I guess we can tolerate some weeds in our field, but not too many! Iím just worried that in about a month when we need the moisture there will be too many weeds using the water instead of the soybean plants. The soil surface is starting to get dry so I dug a hole to see where the moisture level was. I could get some moist soil about 3 inches deep.

plantsrowThe plants in our the marked row are getting pretty dense- you canít see through them now. It is going to get hot here today. Right now the temperature is about 90 F, but it is suppose to hit 100 F today and even hotter over the weekend.I sure hope we get a rain next week. Weíve got some nasty crabgrass plants growing near our row. Iím going to have to do something about that! (I donít want anyone to think Iím not a good farmer!

plant1aDo you remember from Tuesday I was looking for something? Well, I donít see what Iím looking for on this plant, but I do see ďitĒ on some other plants. Letís take a look at our second plant.
plant1bHereís our second plant and it now is in the V8 stage. But hold on, I see something purple in the middle of the plant. What do you think it is? Letís look and see.

flower There it is ... a soybean flower. Thatís what Iíve been looking for. Itís pretty isnít it? The first flower you see will form at about the third or fourth node (A node is were the leaf is attached to the stem.Thereís always a bump on the stem so when the leaf falls off you can still see the scar or node.)Not all soybean flowers are purple, some varieties have white flowers. This type and shape of flower is typical for legume plants (Remember soybean is a legume).
flower2After a day or two you can find flowers everywhere on the stem, like you see here. So, that means the last picture was taken a day or two ago and thatís correct. When the plants start flowering our staging system changes. Instead of using the ďVĒ staging system, we switch to the ďRĒ staging system. R stands for reproductive stage (V stands for vegetative). A plant with only one flower is in the R1 stage or beginning flowering stage, but when you see a bunch of flowers on the stem,like this plant has, it is in the R2 stage or full bloom stage. You are probably wondering, ďwill the plant continue to grow and develop more leavesĒ? Good question and the answer is yes, the plant will continue to develop more leaves for at least another month. So, if the plant produces more leaves for a month how long will the plant continue to flower? You guessed it, for about a month.

Soybean Scene

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