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field Our field looks great. We got more rain (1.88 inches) on the 28th that will come in handy. Generally, with that much rain you would expect to see a lot of the water runoff the field. Based on our runoff monitors we have in this field, only 0.25 inches ran off the field. With all the big cracks in the soil there was good infiltration of the rain water. Obviously, it is very important that when it rains the water stays on the field.

plantsrow Our row is looking good. It's amazing how a rain changes your whole attitude about the crop. I'm more optimistic today than I've been in a while.

plant1a Our first plant looks like it did a few days ago. Maybe there are more pods ... what do you think? I can still see some flowers.
plant1b Our second plant appears to have more pods and bigger pods than the first plant. Remember this plant wasn't damaged by the hail storm we had in June, so it should be doing a little better I suppose.

Soybean Scene

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