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fieldOur field is starting to look like a real soybean field now. The plants are growing rapidly. The hail damage is slowly disappearing.

plantsrowThe plants in our marked row are only about 12 inches tall. There are still some smaller plants trying to grow.

plant1aOur first plant is recovering nicely. You canít see where the main stem was broken without looking really hard. To the right, you can see some of those smaller plants I mentioned. I donít think they will ever compete with the more established plants.
plant1bOur second plant is the biggest one in the row and it is growing well. It is in the V7 stage.Iím looking for something on the stem ... I donít see what Iím looking for, but by this coming Friday it will be there. Do you have any idea what I might be looking for? No? Well, youíll be surprised but youíll just have to wait.

Soybean Scene

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