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field Well, we got a rain yesterday (0.82 inches), a small shower today (0.10 inches), and it is suppose to rain tomorrow. It's pretty warm today (94 F), but with a little more rain we're happy. We certainly needed this rain. Our field continues to grow and looks good.

plantsrow Our row looks good, plants are dark green, and we've got moist soil. This rain should help the plants produce more pods.

plant1a It's been difficult to see our individual plants, so we put some poster board between the plants to get a better view. This is our first plant. There are more pods than we had last week. This view gives you a good idea of the number of branches that have developed.
plant1b Our second plant is doing well. This plant has about five branches and we're seeing more pods. I'm starting to get a little worried about the number of pods. We should be seeing a lot more pods per plant than we are.

Soybean Scene

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