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field Finally, weíve got a day with some clouds and itís a little cooler. Our field is doing fine. It could use a little shower, but I donít think weíre going to get any rain for a while.

plantsrow The plants in the marked row are doing well. Notice thereís no more crabgrass ... I took care of that problem. You can see that we need moisture by the appearance of that big crack in the lower left corner. Our soil has a relatively high clay content, so when it dries the soil shrinks causing the cracks. When it rains the soil will swell and the cracks will seal.

plant1a Our first plant is still growing, but all the plants arenít growing very fast. I think our plants wonít be as tall as they normally would. Remember, late May and early June was rather cool for soybeans (but great for wheat!) and they didnít grow very well. That stunted them and I doubt they will completely recover. All the plants are still flowering. Now, Iím looking for something else, but I donít see it.
plant1bOur second plant is still flowering, too. Its branches are getting longer. You can see the new leaves, which are a lighter green. Letís look closer at some flowers.

flower These flowers in the middle of the picture are drying or shriveling-up because they are four or five days old. You can see newer flowers on this plant if you look around. Now, Iím looking for pods. Pods are the structures that contain the soybeans. But I donít see any. Probably by next Monday weíll be able to see some tiny pods.

Soybean Scene

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